Our mission is to build a world where For Purpose SME’s thrive because they are digital savvy

Digital capability is critical to business success, no matter what size you are or what industry you are in.

As the world grows more connected, small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are competing on a global scale, bringing great opportunities to the For Purpose sector.

Digital technologies mean For Purpose organisations are able to reach more supporters and help more people than ever before.

But most SME’s are feeling overwhelmed as to where to start with digital technologies and what would be best for their organisation. They feel as though digital is out of their reach – especially in the For Purpose sector.

So imagine the greater impact your organisation would have if your technology, processes and information were modern, efficient and just ‘worked’.

We don’t just imagine it, we believe it, and we create it for our clients.

Reviews &

  • Paper Reduction
  • Storage Utilisation – File Audits
  • Information Chaos
  • Digital Maturity, Capability & Productivity
  • Systems – utilisation, requirements, end of life, options
  • Privacy, Access & Security

Strategies &

  • Digital
  • Information & Data
  • Practical Business Cyber Security
  • Privacy, Access & Security
  • Paper Reduction
  • Digital Leadership & Culture
  • People Capability Plans
  • Information Retention and Disposal Plans
  • Data Migration
  • Digitisation
  • Business System Ecosystem Architecture
  • Procurement RFQ’s

Tools, Models
& Solutions

  • System implementation Management
  • Naming Conventions
  • File Plans (Business Classification Schemes)
  • Information & Data Policies
  • Security Models
  • Digital, Information & Data Position Descriptions
  • Retention & Disposal Programs
  • Lean Process implementation
  • RFQ submission review and selection support

Training &

  • Training Plans
  • Email Management
  • Creating a Digital Culture
  • Digital Leadership for the non-leader
  • Digital Leadership
  • Personal Focus Excellence
  • Living a Mindful Digital Life
  • Email management
  • Creating a digital culture
  • Being a Digital by Design organisation


  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Communications Plans
  • Digital Innovation Thought Leadership

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