The greatest benefits of digital innovation feel constantly out of reach for small-medium sized organisations.
We believe they are within reach.

Kate Fuelling, Principal Consultant, Digital by Design

We are creative, visionary and are passionate about contributing more, not just creating more

Digital by Design is a boutique Digital Excellence consultancy, based in Melbourne and working Australia wide. We specialise in helping our clients to become high performing digital savvy organisations.

Our solutions, and the way we work, focus on making the world a better place through implementing solutions that reduce our impact on the resources of the planet, whilst creating productive, inspiring and fulfilling work environments that deliver results.

Founded in July 2015 as Lime Business Solutions, we have grown and niched into our ‘happy space’ in the market today.

We deliberately work with small-medium sized organisations, knowing that we can make a real impact for them, and in turn, they can make a bigger impact in the world.

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